Sights set on new knowledge

Petter Nylander, CEO of Besedo and a Corporate Accelerator participant, has extensive experience in leadership in the Swedish business community. Here, he discusses his views on leadership.  


Norion Bank’s Corporate Accelerator training program is intended for companies with a clear focus on growth. The purpose of the program is to help companies grow and take their business to the next level.  

“Corporate Accelerator was attractive because of its interesting speakers, clear themes and a program spread out across a manageable amount of time. I took away several gems from each session. My theses have been reinforced, and I gained new insights that I’ll bring with me going forward. It was also rewarding to get to network and exchange experiences with the other companies,” says Petter Nylander, CEO of Besedo.  

Besedo is a full-service content moderation provider that helps companies remove inappropriate or illegal content from their sites with the use of artificial intelligence and other methods.   

“I’m driven by curiosity and I’ve always sought out industries with a lot of new knowledge and people who are smarter than me. I don't always have the answers, but rather hypotheses that I like to test. Being a leader is like being a gardener. You have to water your flowers for them to grow. It can take a long time to make a beautiful garden, but it can be destroyed very quickly,” says Petter Nylander.  

Petter Nylander developed his leadership skills during his military service. The plan was to become an officer, but instead, he dropped out and entered the travel industry. Next came a degree in business and economics, a trainee program at Kinnevik, and positions as CEO at several companies, including Unibet, TV3 and Universum.   

“During Corporate Accelerator, we’ve had interesting discussions about leadership. Someone said that leadership is about being a leader, a person and a manager. We talk a lot today about being a leader and a person, but less about being a manager – even though leadership is often about making decisions and tough choices. A big part of my job is dealing with problems and going through numbers to try to understand why something is or isn’t going well. It’s important to have all the parts in place for things to be successful,” says Petter Nylander.  

Erik Krondahl, General Manager, Corporate, at Norion Bank, views leadership as a key factor for companies undergoing a growth journey.   

“In my experience, good leadership creates a strong sense of team spirit, which is often crucial for the success of a company. Our conversations during Corporate Accelerator show that management teams often face similar challenges, regardless of industry. So it’s important to find leadership that is adapted to the company's needs and to develop leadership as conditions change,” says Erik Krondahl, General Manager, Corporate, Norion Bank.  


About Besedo  

Besedo is an industry-leading full-service supplier of content moderation, offering tools and services to remove inappropriate or illegal content from marketplaces, dating sites and communities. The company has offices in Stockholm, Malta, France, Germany, Romania, Colombia and Malaysia.