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Good corporate governance is the basis for Norion Bank to have a trusting relationship with shareholders and the bank’s other key stakeholders. It is also of vital importance for achieving effective and efficient governance of the bank. A robust framework and efficient tools for internal management and control as well as risk management are of the utmost importance for good corporate governance.  

The Board has ultimate responsibility for Norion Bank’s organization, management and operations. Norion Bank’s Board has established rules of procedure that govern its role and working methods. The Board has also established specific rules of procedure for its committees, as well as instructions for the CEO and the internal audit and control functions. The CEO is responsible for ongoing management of Norion Bank. The CEO of Norion Bank is the Company officer with ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with and implementation of the Board’s strategic direction and other decisions made by the Board. The CEO has overall responsibility for the bank’s risk management in accordance with the policies and instructions adopted by the Board.  

Here you will find our corporate leadership, comprised of Board members and senior management. You will also find information about our annual general meetings, Nomination Committee and other committees. A detailed description of the bank’s corporate governance can be found in the 2021 Annual Report on pages 97–108.  

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