Free up capital with factoring 

Factoring allows your company to create secure cash flow and reduce administration. It gives you access to capital tied up in invoices, while giving the customer time to pay

Invoice factoring

With invoice factoring, invoices are sold for their full value to Norion Bank. The fee covers administration, risk assumption and financing. The receivable is removed from the balance sheet, resulting in higher liquidity, better key ratios and less administration. Norion Bank offers invoice factoring throughout the Nordic market.  With recourse invoice factoring, the customer bears the credit risk and repays the invoice amount a number of days after it is due if the end customer fails to pay. With non-recourse invoice factoring, Norion Bank assumes the risk of both late payment and nonpayment. When the invoice is sold, the receivable is transferred to Norion Bank, which entails reduced credit and currency risks. 

Factoring loan 

With a factoring loan, the fee covers administration and financing. Norion Bank can manage reminders and collection, which offers administrative and cost-effective benefits. With a factoring loan, the customer bears the credit risk. 

Purchase order financing 

Purchase order financing helps Norion Bank’s factoring customers finance purchases and investments related to a new order or project. Purchase order financing makes it possible to optimize liquidity, free up capital for investments and reduce credit risk and administrative costs. 

Export factoring

Exporting companies may face late payments, high risks and liquidity challenges. Norion Bank can help by buying the invoice and taking over the credit risk, thus strengthening cash flow and key ratios.