If you are dissatisfied with a service we have provided, please let us know. 

What is a complaint?  

Complaints against financial institutions are regulated, among other places, by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's statute book FFFS 2002:23. It states that a complaint is when a customer of an institution expresses specific dissatisfaction with the handling of a financial service or product in an individual case.  

General comments and general expressions of dissatisfaction are not considered complaints in this context, nor are expressions of dissatisfaction that must be considered to be of minor importance to the customer. The definition of a complaint is important, because a there is a regulatory framework for how institutions should act in the case of complaints. 


Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau and Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau  

If you need impartial information about how financial institutions/banks should behave in cases of the kind in question, you can contact either the Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau or the Consumers' Insurance Bureau (Konsumenternas bank- och försäkringsbyrå).  

Mailing address:  
Box 24215  
104 51 Stockholm, Sweden    

0200-22 58 00 (international: +46 8 22 58 00)  
They also have a contact form on their website.  


Consumer guidance in your municipality  

Many municipalities offer consumer guidance. For information on whether your city offers this service and contact information, please refer to your city’s website or telephone exchange.  


Consumer Agency  

You can report companies and products that do not comply with consumer law to the Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket). Your report does not mean you will receive personal assistance with your case. However, it may help other consumers in the future by alerting the Consumer Agency to current consumer problems.  

Mailing address:  
 Box 48  
651 02 Karlstad, Sweden  
+46 (0)771-42 33 00  
They also have a contact form on their website.  

National Board for Consumer Disputes  

 If you are not satisfied after Norion Bank’s complaints officer has examined your complaint, you can contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden, ARN).  


National Board for Consumer Disputes 

Banking Department  
Klarabergsgatan 35  
Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden  
Telephone: +46 (0)8-555 017 00  

Please note that there are time and monetary limits on the option to turn to ARN, and that each party bears its own costs during the procedure, regardless of ARN’s assessment.  

General court  

Another option is to turn to the general court. In this case, bear in mind that disputes concerning amounts of less than half of a base amount can be handled within a simplified procedure known as “small claims.”  

The larger the amount in dispute, the more important it is, preferably through counsel, to investigate the possibility of success in a possible legal proceeding. You should always check whether you have insurance that covers legal costs or whether you can obtain public legal aid.  


Complaints officer at Norion Bank  

If you do not need impartial information, but would like a higher authority at Norion Bank to assess your complaint, you may contact the Norion Bank complaints officer at or by letter to the address below.  

Norion Bank AB 
Att. Klagomålsansvarig 
Box 119 14  
404 39 Gothenburg, Sweden  
Telephone: +46 (0)10-161 00 00  

Information requested upon submitting a complaint  

  •  If you wish to submit a complaint to Norion, we need the following information from you:  
  • Your name and contact information  
  • Whether you are submitting a complaint on behalf of yourself or your company  
  • Information about the nature of your complaint  
  • A description of the situation that gave rise to your complaint   


Process and time limits  

When you submit a complaint to the complaints officer, it will be documented. The complaint will then be investigated and handling times vary depending on the scope of the complaint and number of departments in the Group that must provide information. However, the investigation of the complaint must begin within 14 days of receiving the complaint.  

The complaints officer is a fully autonomous and independent party with the right to reconsider and review previous decisions and actions taken in conjunction with handling the case. A decision by the complaints officer must be objectively based.  

When the investigation is complete and the complaints officer has made a decision regarding your complaint, it will be communicated to you via the contact information you have provided.