Norion Bank endeavors to have an open corporate climate, a high standard of business ethics, and always see opportunities for improvement. We want to be able to detect and correct shortcomings at an early stage and thus maintain a high level of trust in our operations. 

Anyone who suspects a breach of law or where there may be a public interest in disclosing the breach can report it through the Bank's whistleblowing system.  Anyone can report through the Bank’s whistleblowing system where a breach of law is suspected or where there may be public interest in the disclosure.  

  Norion Bank encourages individuals who wish to report suspected irregularities to be open with their identity. Messages are treated confidentially.  Please note that only individuals directly connected to Norion Bank AB’s business are covered by the protection of the whistleblower legislation (Act 2021:890 on the Protection of Persons Reporting Irregularities). Read more here.  


Report openly or anonymously through the 2Whistle whistleblowing channel 

Reports are handled by an external independent operator, 2Secure. The report is registered through an online service and the recipient (2Secure) is notified automatically when a report is submitted. In connection with the report, the notifier will receive a personal password that allows them to provide additional information and to access information from 2Secure about the handling of the report.  

Use the whistleblowing system online: wb.2secure.se  

Enter the following code to register a case in the whistleblowing system: KHY306   

The communication channel is encrypted and password protected.  

Use the whistleblowing system via phone: +46 (0) 77 - 177 99 77  

Whistleblower complaints may also be filed externally with a competent authority in a specific area of responsibility or to any EU institutions, bodies and agencies.  

Protection under the law requires that internal reporting as described above has been carried out and that this resulted neither in reasonable follow-up measures nor feedback to a reasonable extent.  

Additionally, protection is provided for external reporting if the whistleblower has reasonable grounds to believe that the misconduct poses a risk that is life-threatening; or a risk to health, safety, or of significant environmental damage; or if the whistleblower has reason to believe that internal reporting would involve risk of retaliation or would make it unlikely that the misconduct would be effectively corrected.  

For Norion Bank, the relevant authority for external reporting is the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.  
Whistleblowers | Financial Supervisory Authority  When reporting externally to the SFSA, protection is maintained in accordance with whistleblowing legislation. 

It is important that whistleblowers feel safe reporting irregularities. Personal data related to a whistleblowing case is processed only if necessary for a follow-up case. A follow-up case refers receiving a report from an internal or external channel and having contact with the whistleblower, taking measures to assess the accuracy of the allegations, submitting details about the investigated allegations for further action and providing feedback on the follow-up to the whistleblower. Personal data that are clearly irrelevant to the processing of a report/documentation of a whistleblowing case may not be collected.  

You can find more detailed information on how the bank processes personal data and how to exercise your rights on the bank’s website under the Data Protection tab.