Responsible financing enables sustainable development.

Sound lending and good customer relations should permeate our business - this helps us achieve sustainable development by minimizing risks and creating positive outcomes for our stakeholders. We know that access to capital is important, both for private individuals and companies. Credit is a crucial financial instrument in society and sustainable lending is fundamental in our business model. We therefore give great importance to clear and transparent processes, ensuring that our lending takes place on the right basis, in order for us to contribute in a positive way to development of society. 

As a bank, we have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable economy for our customers and the society in which we operate. We want to help companies and people grow through access to financing solutions, business support and smart savings. At the same time, we want to contribute to limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees in accordance with the Paris Agreement, by playing our part where we can in reducing climate and environmental impact. 

We understand that our biggest impact on the outside world lies in our credit portfolio, and by integrating sustainability into the credit process, we as a bank can contribute to the reduction of climate emissions. Corporate lending is part of our core business and for us it is essential that our lending operations are based on a customers' ability to repay back their loan. By integrating ESG aspects (Environmental, Social, Governance-aspects) into the credit process, we take into account the company's relevant sustainability risks. By setting sustainability requirements, we can contribute to increased respect for human rights, better working conditions and greater climate consideration. In this way, we enable sustainable development while being a professional partner to our customers.