About us

Norion Bank Group


Norion Bank Group is a business-oriented Nordic financing bank. The Group’s brands – Norion Bank, Walley and Collector – offer customized financing solutions that meet distinct needs in three customer segments: medium-sized corporates and real estate companies, merchants, and private individuals. As a specialist in financing solutions, Norion Bank Group is a leading complement to traditional large banks, with a vision of being the leading Nordic financing bank in its chosen segments.  

 Norion Bank offers corporate and real estate loans, as well as factoring for medium-sized corporates and real estate companies. The Walley brand offers flexible payment and checkout solutions to merchants and private individuals. The Collector brand offers personal loans and credit cards to private customers, as well as savings accounts to private individuals and companies. Norion Bank Group (formerly Collector Bank) was founded in 1999 and has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Oslo and Helsinki. Business is conducted through Norion Bank AB (public), which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.    

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